The beauty of being an Artisan


“I will never produce shoes made of
synthetic material”- says Fabiola

This clear statement comes from Fabiola Vita owner of Viesse, a manufacturing company in Porto Sant’Elpidio at the very center of Marche’s region shoe district.

Fabiola has been running her family business for more than 30 years, her customers are small premium Brands with an average of 100 pairs of shoes per collection “Only a real artisan can follow the requests of those brands, they need us and we need them. And I love to be an artisan, to manufacture unique shoes made of precious materials for which premium quality and aesthetics are essential”

 Fabiola took the strategic choice to only work small brands since the very beginning and she is now even more convinced “Big Brands and large production would allow me to enlarge the company of course, but are not part of my DNA.

We are tailors of the shoes, we manufacture luxury wonderful products and we build solid and productive relationships with our clients. I don’t want my company to become bigger, I want to remain an artisan who loves each pair of shoes I manufacture.

And Fabiola’s strategic decision to focus on niche brands has proven to be the right one: during Covid pandemic period, she expanded her business to new markets “there is always a demand for high quality made in Italy products.

In this historical period Brands also look for reliability and, what’s more important, flexibility. And being an artisan allows me to be flexible quickly reacting to changes and evolutions. I love to be an artisan”

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Fabiola Vita

Fabiola Vita

The Beauty of being an Artisan