Norie Shoe Company: from US Army to “Made in Italy” shoes


Natasha Norie Standard was 42 when she achieved the level of Major in the US Army.

But inside her something was pawing.

It was her passion for Fashion Shoes together with a latent creativity unexpressed.

Natasha decided to give up the certainty for the uncertainty and to build the basis for her “second life”.

She studied very hard for the following two years and then she felt ready to face her “american dream”: in 2018 she launched her “Norie Shoe Company”, a premium luxury comfortable shoes Brand.

“I wanted superior luxury, quality peerless artisanship and attention to details, that’s’ why I decided to produce in Italy.

– says Natasha


“The handcraftmanship of Italian shoe
manufacturers allowed me to offer the
best premium comfortable leather shoes
competing with top designers from all over
the world”

Natasha is now launching her new collection also in the Middle East. From US Army to made in italy shoes,
unstoppable Natasha.

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Natasha Standard from Norie Shoes

Natasha Standard from Norie Shoes

Norie Shoes