Made in Italy, Made Easy

Made in Italy,
Made Easy


The heritage of Italian crafmanship

The concept of Made in Italy trademark was originated from the Italian industrial districts composed by small companies that shared the same passion for handmade work and the creation of different models. But it was not only this that united them, the companies divided the space, the know-how, the work, the orders and everything that revolved around that small reality.

Each company identified a family, in which the father held the knowledge to pass on to his children for the future of the company itself and the uniqueness of its products. Most of the products created in Italy, especially in the fashion sector are the prerogative of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, very often family-run.

Their love and sharing of passion to produce something special, every day.

Made in Italy Quality

Artisan Flexibility

Acknowledged Expertise

Italian Artisan


Traditional Method

  • Search producers for hours on the internet
  • Collect contacts and write many emails
  • Face communication problems
  • Lack of mutual trust
  • High minimum order quantity
  • Lack of constant and transparency during production progress
Metodo - Italian Artisan

Our method

  • Find authentic artisans in a few clicks
  • Chat directly with the artisans
  • Solve language barriers with the support of our team
  • Italian Artisan verifies its artisans and their products
  • Flexibility on minimum order quantity
  • Constant updates and traceability during the production process


The high-quality craftsmanship of Made in Italy products is the result of attention to detail, passion, knowledge and heritage transmitted from generation to generation.


The unique Italian style and design appears in the innovative combinations of materials and colours, in the right balance between exclusive heritage and innovation, in the research for new processes and finishes.


Strong connections with their own roots and territories, with their own history and traditions. This sense of belonging is a distinctive element that comes to light in a quality product.