Connect now with authentic Made in Italy artisans

The digital platform that allows your growing business to produce luxury fashion collections with Italian Artisans world-wide recognized quality.

Let our team guide you through the entire production cycle of your Made in Italy collection.

How it works?

Your luxury collection to life
in just 3 steps

01. Upload your Design or browse from the producers catalog

You can upload spec sheets, tech packs, technical drawings or reference images.

You don’t have a design yet?

Browse products in the catalogues of best sellers Italian Manufacturers & benefit from no R&D costs and a quicker time-to-market.

02. Receive Proposals

After reviewing your project, our producers will send you a quotation that includes a price range, timing and additional feedback. 

Are you satisfied and want to know more production details?

You can then negotiate directly with our producers to select the partner that best meets your needs.

03. Produce your Collection

The whole production process will be completely transparent, safe and can be supported by Italian Artisan’s team of product experts.

You can send attachments, documents, invoices and everything related to the project in progress.

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Italian Artisans
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why italian artisan?

Empowering the tradition of
Italian fashion craftsmanship.


The high quality craftmanship of Made in Italy products is the result of attention to detail, passion, knowledge and heritage transmitted from generation to generation.


The unique italian style that appears in the combinations of materials and colours, the exclusive heritage and innovation, and in the research for new processes and finishes.


Strong connections with their own roots and territories, with their own history and traditions. This sense of belonging is a distinctive element that comes to light in a quality product.



We give you 100% transparency on producers.

Producers don’t simply join the platform with a click. They receive an onboarding process in order to be verified and ready to start producing Brands’ collection.

Long term relationships

We establish and maintain long-term relationships with both Brands and Artisans.

Our mission is to build succesful and productive connections. We want Brands and Artisans to keep collaborating even after one successful project. 


Our production periods and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) are low.

Differently from buying offices, our goal is to shorten the productions periods of your desired collections and make sure MOQ are achivable even when they are not extremely high.

the platform

Get a total control as if
you were on site

You will be guided during every step of the creation of your project: the uploading process, choosing your product categories, until every detail of your collection.

You will be able to compare different quotations from several producers, and find the one that you like the most.

Once the best producer is chosen, you can start engaging in one-to-one conversations, defining all the details of your project.

The people behind

You will always have a contact person available

You will connect with a local technical experts who will guide you in your inquiries.

A project manager will always be available to coordinate and mediate the relationship between you and the producer.

We make sure that all the producers are verified.



Startup Europe Awards

Let's solve the last doubts

There is no access fee. Create your profile, upload your project and request the best offer for your production.

Language barriers will not be a problem. With the support of our team you will be supported during the entire negotiation.

In addition to the quality recognized all over the world, our craftsmen have been selected with strict standards of reliability.

You have ample flexibility in your choice. However, you will be advised by our experts to have the right balance between quality, duration and the cost of production.

We created Italian Artisan in order to offer a powerful way to connect with Italian manufacturers. Fashion entrepreneurs and brand owners need to take into consideration that choosing a manufacturing partner in Italy is their own responsibility. We know it can’t always be an easy game, that’s why we created our online/onsite support plans.