Frequently asked questions

What is Italian Artisan?
Italian Artisan is the made in Italy one stop place platform where you can produce your collection and learn how to grow your premium brand. We help International brands connect with italian premium manufacturers.
Why should I use Italian Artisan?
Finding an Italian manufacturer it’s not an easy task and it can be painful. Italian Artisan makes made in Italy easy! We easily connect international fashion entrepreneurs, designers and brand’s owner with verified italian manufacturers. We support brands with our platform to find the perfect match and build a trustful partnership with the Italian production partner
What are my responsibilities as a brand?

We created Italian Artisan in order to offers a powerful way to connect with Italian culture and manufacturers, fashion entrepreneurs and brand owners needs to take into consideration that choosing a manufacturing partner in Italy is their own responsibility. We know it cannot always be an easy game, that’s why we created our online/onsite support plans

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