The fees and charges described below are an essential part of the Italian Artisan terms and conditions (the “Terms”) and are governed by the latter. The Terms include other important terms which govern the relationship between you and Italian Artisan and should be read carefully in full. In particular section 7 of the Terms specifies the consequences of termination for violations of the Terms. Those consequences may include liabilities and payment of damages caused by the User as a direct or indirect consequence of breaches of the Terms by the User.

All fees and charges are non-refundable.

IA Fee and Charges BRAND

BASIC: the Power of our Platform, call for proposals + project management tool 

The Basic Service is a free-fee based service, thanks to which the Brand can get free access to the Project Management Platform and receive proposals from italian producers.

By choosing the Basic Service, the Brand can post Projects and receive proposals from Producers, chat with Producers, and engage with a specific Producer. 

PLUS:  Italian Artisan Match, your trusted choice in scouting 

The Plus Service is a 299€ fee based service. The Brand gets access both to the Project Management Platform and to the Online Sourcing Recruiter Support

The Plus Plan allows the Brand to get an in-depth assessment of the Brand’s project through a full qualitative and technical analysis. The assessment is limited to one Brand’s project which shall refer to one product category, one subcategory and max 10 different patterns. Once the assessment is completed, the IA expert will support the Brand in sourcing the most appropriate Producer partner suggesting it from the Producers that are interested in the project (or, if IA deems appropriate and at IA’s sole discretion, from external databases). The service is considered concluded when a matching occurs between Brand and Producer. 

Please note that if the Brand is not satisfied with the Producers’ matchings as proposed by IA, then IA may decide, at IA’s sole discretion, to redo the matching process without double charging the Brand for it.

Payment type: One-shot payment.

When: before the project’s assessment begins.

How: Platform + IA Expert.

Disclaimer: by purchasing this service the Brand accepts and is acknowledged that the Brand will be supported by an Italian Artisan team member only in the scouting process of potential Producers. This means that, for the avoidance of doubts, Italian Artisan’s sole obligation towards the Brand is to suggest possible Producers that IA believes are the best match in accordance with the Brand’s requests in terms of product, price, and timing as indicated by the Brand on its call for proposals. 

PREMIUM, your trusted eyes in Italy, online support

The Premium Service is offered at 499€ / month.
The Brand gets access to the “Plus Service” and to Online Project Manager Support 

By choosing the Premium Service the Brand gets access to (i) the Project Management Platform and the IA Online Support by which an IA expert project manager will monitor the production process and support the Brand.

The Brand gets professional online assistance from an italian Artisan team member through the IA Platform online chat which allows for the mediation and coordination during the sourcing, prototyping and producing phases with the Producer matched (no in-person presence on manufacturing sites).

The agenda and the amount of time to be spent on your project by the IA expert will be agreed in advance at the beginning of each project.

The Premium Service is time-based: it begins on the following day in which IA receives the Brand’s payment for the service and lasts for thirty (30) days. automatic renewal may be possible in accordance with payments plans. IA may immediately terminate or suspend (at its discretion) the service if the Brand does not perform the relevant payment; in such case, no liability shall arise upon IA as a direct or indirect consequence of such termination. No suspension or liability upon IA will occur should the Brand not supply or be in delay with the supply of any relevant documentation of information related to the project as requested by IA or the Producer. 

Payment type: rolling monthly payments 

When: during the Selection Process and during the production

How: Platform + IA online expert 

CUSTOM: your trusted eyes and arms in Italy, online and onsite support

The Custom Service is an exclusive tailored fee based service which allows the Brand to benefit from the same offer as the Premium Service, plus the  Local Manufacturing Agent Support 

By choosing the exclusive Custom Service, the Brand can take advantage from the “Premium” services plus  an IA onsite expert (IA Local Agent) that, depending on the Brand’s requests, may support the Brand through all the different phases of the project, from the Selection Process up to post-production controls.

The Local Manufacturing Agent Support is a dedicated in-person expert tailored on the specific agreed Brand’s needs. 

The agenda and the amount of time to be spent on your project by the IA Local Agent will be agreed in advance at the beginning of each project and reflected in a custom IA Local Agent Contract.

Payment type: rolling monthly payments at Brand’s request.

When: the service is distributed before, during and after the production

How: Platform + IA expert +  IA Product Manager

All packages do not include (and we suggest you should negotiate with the Producers): 

. style and design costs

. tech pack & sizing costs

. material sourcing costs

. packaging sourcing costs

. extra tooling sourcing costs

. sample making costs

. production costs

Disclaimer: Being IA a third party with respect to the manufacturing agreement between the Brand and the Producer (the “Users Contract”), IA is not liable or responsible for the obligations agreed by the Producer and the Brand, which include but are not limited to, quality defects, price and payments issues, shipments failures and production delays, which are matters related to the Users Contract and to the business relationship between the Producer and the Brand, not with Italian Artisan. 


Buyer or Brand, as defined in the Terms.

Project Management Platform is the web-platform owned by IA as implemented on the IA Website.

Call For Proposals mens the Buyer’s project details and request for a quote by Producers as posted on the Project Management Platform.

Project Quote is the quote prepared by Producers in response to a Call for Proposals posted on the Project Management Platform.

Selection Process means the process carried out on the IA Platform through the Project Management Platform that gives the opportunity to the Brand to issue Calls for Proposals, to evaluate and to choose a Producer for the manufacture of products. With regard to the Producer, the Selection Processes offers the possibility to the Producer to post its Projects’ proposals and to discuss with the Brand the details of the Project Quote. At the end of the Selection Process, in case the Brand and the Producer have found an agreement on the development of the Project, such agreement shall be reflected in the User Contract (as defined in the Terms) and shall have legal binding effect among the Brand and the Producer. 

Seller or Producer, as defined in the Terms.