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Meet Nino and Giancarlo from Campania

Territory, tradition and heart: 

Italian craftsmanship tells stories of families who live for their professionalism, who pass on their passion from generation to generation and who celebrate the territory with their products. Made in Italy is more than just the production of inanimate objects, it is love of detail, innovation in respect of tradition, and raw materials of the highest quality. Nino and Giancarlo fully embody the values of Italian artisanship, which is why we present them to you as ‘Italian Artisans’.

From hand to hand, from father to son:

The small, family-run business was founded in the flourishing 1960s, in Positano, as a shaping factory. In the following years it specialised in the production of leather sandals and the typical Positano clogs, which makes it famous today. 

Nino and Giancarlo represent the third generation of a family dedicated to the production of footwear since the last century. The art of leather and woodworking was taught to them by their father Vincenzo, who in turn learned the trade through his father Gaetano. The craftsmanship of the raw materials, the passion and the workmanship has been handed down in the workshop from one generation to the next. We can imagine the company almost as a member of their own family, present at every family reunion and always ready to be talked about.

Italian Artisan

Not just simple sandals:

By closing your eyes you can catapult yourself into the timeless reality of the workshop, where the smell of leather clouds your mind and the noise of machinery mixes with an indistinct chatter of craftsmen at work. In fact, Nino and Giancarlo’s sandal production is a far cry from alienating industrial activity. Each sandal embodies hours of research to identify the latest trends, dedication to detail and a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship. Despite the territorial and family heritage, the two brothers do not renounce innovation, integrating in their traditional production processes innovative techniques and machinery that make the products even more accurate. 

In addition to the 100% Made in Italy production, the leather is of the highest quality and certified. All the sandals made by Nino and Giancarlo come with a kit that identifies a shoe of excellence, made with local products. Inside the kit, there is also a small chip, called an NFC Tag, which allows customers to get an insight into the craftsmanship through digital content illustrating the various steps involved in making the product. A true marriage of classic and modern.

The Collection:

Nino and Giancarlo’ work is so impeccable and luxurious that it has also attracted several Italian fashion houses who have chosen them as their suppliers, bringing craftsmanship to the big catwalks. The accessories do not fail to satisfy a strong sense of hedonism and follow the latest trends. These include the sought-after slave sandals with majolica scarves, which can elevate a monochrome outfit, and the simple leather flip-flops, perfect for pairing with informal long dresses.

Nino and Giancarlo’s workshop will let you experience first-hand all the Italian spirit and passion behind Made in Italy, where tradition, quality and beauty are indissolubly combined.

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