The Story of Parla: Designed in Boston, Made in Italy

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Meet Lauren Linnane, founder of Parla


Parla started off as a passion project for Lauren who was in need of a creative outlet and escape from her career in corporate finance. In an attempt to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer, Lauren spent a significant amount of time researching the fashion industry, supply chain process and gaps in the market. 


She discovered two major things:

1. the complex nature of the fashion industry and supply chain doesn’t allow much visibility and control for brands to offer ethically and sustainably made products

2. consumers are asking for more high-quality pieces to last them for years to come. With this information, Lauren was able to launch Parla with the help of Italian Artisan with a truly unique business model focused on small batch production runs and a strong emphasis on ethical practices and high-quality, timeless pieces.




At Parla we value transparency, quality over quantity, and women empowerment. 

“Parla” is an Italian word which translates as “she speaks” and our mission is to have her self-confidence speaking volumes. Whether that be by wearing one of our designs, signing up for a personal styling session, or by working with or for our team and business partners, we want all that know Parla to experience the essence of feeling confident, bold and graciously fierce.


Parla is the first of its kind to offer high-quality, Made in Italy products along with a unique customer experience to show our clients how to style their purchases to fit their lifestyle and elevate their self-confidence. Parla is proud to offer an empowering experience to our employees, network of Italian Artisans and other business partners, and clients.

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