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Meet Luca from Como, Italy

Luca is an Italian artisan based in Como, passionate about silk, ties and leather goods.


Luca’s story started in the banking and finance world, a world characterized by classic clothes such as jackets and ties, of which he has always appreciated the distinctive quality of the Made in Italy artisanal products and their unmistakable high quality.

In 2014, Luca decided to follow his passion and create something new, fresh and different from what was already present in the tie market. Thus, in the city of Como, Masel was born: the house of quality and craftsmanship initially focused on the world of ties and silk, but over the years has expanded to different product categories.

The idea of Masel was born from the passion for the product – the ties – that since the start were the first products developed by Luca. What makes Masel’s creations unique is the development of design with unique patterns, highly customizable to the wishes of the wearer’s. These personalized ties with embroidery inside the lining are today considered to be the company’s Best Seller.

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Over the years, Luca’s company has had the opportunity to grow and create two departments that today constitute the two lifeblood of Masel: on one hand, the department that deals exclusively with the creation of graphic content and realization of embroidery; on the other hand, the department that takes care of the customer and their satisfaction.

What makes Masel a unique company is not only the attention to detail, the love for the product and the extreme customization of the creations but also the care and attention towards those who will wear the creations, the final customer.

All the people who are part of Masel have at heart the management of customer relationship from the beginning to the end of the process; and the collection of feedback is a fundamental element to continuously grow and maintain high level standards.

«Attention to detail is the focus of all our activities: from artisanal production to customer care.»


After a few years from the production company’s foundation, Luca begins to feel the desire to get out of the single track of the tie and silk as the main creation for Masel. This prompted the company to go in search of new frontiers, thus bordering the world of small and large leather goods. In 2017, the small and large leather goods line was launched, also focused on the silk-leather contrast, which has as its fil-rouge high customization and the Made in Italy.


Ethics is the other great foundation behind Masel. Luca is constantly looking for high quality in their suppliers, making sure that each item is truly produced and Made in Italy. The ultimate goal of Masel is to enhance the territory, the roots planted in the city of Como and the high quality.

Freshness is the motto for all Masel’s creations: from the choice of colors, materials and patterns, all the elements together must be youthful and fresh, with the aim of rejuvenating a sector that tends to be classic and often too traditional. Masel’s style is contemporary and urban, designed for those who live in the city every day.


Luca is aware that Italian know-how is unique in the world and must therefore be spread, valued and exported. There is a lot of talk about Made in Italy, but it is not always 100% respected.

We believe that promoting the internationalization of Made in Italy is the right solution to give Italian craftsmanship the notoriety it deserves” – says Luca. 

Many artisans and producers often do not have the right skills to get out of the small Italian borders or to go abroad to make themselves known. This is what drives Luca daily, and what excites and motivates him every day to make his own contribution to the internationalization of Italian craftsmanship.

The artisans of the past have left a lot of expertise, heritage and story, but they have had difficulty in passing on skills to the new generations. According to Luca, what makes the difference for a true craftsman is only passion; getting passionate about products, studying them to the full, and joining artisans who already do something similar is fundamental. The craftsman, like the entrepreneur, must see two elements coexist in himself: a lot of study and a bit of madness, both essential elements to create something new.

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