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From Naples with Passion

The Italian DNA

The DNA of the Italian shirt has its roots in the Confraternity of Sartori, created in Naples in the church of S. Eligio al Mercato. We are in a sumptuous and flourishing Naples, capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The Neapolitan tailoring school knows its first development in the fifteenth century, when many youths were recruited at the Aragon’s court. The style and cut of the local tailoring became a symbol of quality and elegance and spread throughout Italy, becoming very popular especially in Milan.

The European Success

Between 1700 and 1800, Neapolitan fashion was more distinguished from French and English fashion which had cleaner and purer lines. The fashion of the Bourbon court had a more opulent and baroque tone, which, at the time, was considered out of fashion in the main European centers.

In the Shadow of Vesuvius

The worldwide success of Neapolitan tailoring came in the early years of the twenty-first century, when local artisans developed their own identity, abandoning the more authoritarian and rigid English imitations. From this point onwards, small family-run craft businesses spread in the shadow of Vesuvius, resuming the 15th century model, and are still a source of national pride. Tailoring made in Naples becomes a legend made of taste for detail and strictly made to measure.

Close up of a older man at work as a tailor.

Close up of a older man at work as a tailor

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Dei Borboni Camiceria Sartoriale

The tradition of Neapolitan tailoring has been alive for over sixty years in the shirt factory Dei Borboni in Naples, becoming a reference point for lovers of style and elegance Made in Italy. 

Entirely by Hand

The distinctive feature of these shirts is that they are produced entirely by hand, in every detail. They are defined as true works of art that recall the Bourbon era and the Neapolitan school of the nineteenth century. Weave, stitching, collar and buttons: each of its elements is a distinctive feature of the Dei Borboni shirts. 

Each shirt must respect the personality of its customer and satisfy him in the smallest details. In fact, maximum attention is given to details: shaped cuffs, mother-of-pearl buttons and the gathering on sleeves and shoulders, avoiding fashionable contaminations such as short sleeves or mandarin collar. Therefore, a classic and refined style was born, requiring the care and experience of tailors and master shirt makers, able to hand sew the eight parts of the shirt: armholes, collar, shoulder quarter, mouche (triangular-shaped reinforcement), buttonhole, buttonholes, joist and buttons. 

The Classic Simplicity

The Dei Borboni, with their classic simplicity, are able to dress the modern man from the most formal occasions to those sportier, always remaining elegant.

Attention to detail and materials, the art of producing the perfect product for the customer and a long history of tradition. This is what characterizes Made in Italy and what distinguishes us in the international industry.

The classic that never goes out of fashion.

Dei Borboni

Dei Borboni Shirt

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