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The Fermano Heritage

The moccasin is a symbol of casual elegance thanks to the tradition of shoemaking and the use of high-quality materials Made in Italy.

The product made by the skilled hands of artisans becomes a chameleon accessory suitable for both formal occasions and for a relaxed aperitif by the sea. In its variants and interpretations, it remains a feather in the cap of Italian style: comfortable but always impeccable

Where tradition means everything

The tradition of handcrafted footwear has its origins in the Marche region, in small villages inhabited by artists and manufacturers. Montegranaro is a small town on the hills of the Marche region, famous for the production of magnificent shoes completely handmade since ‘300. 

A Rural Reality

It is the story of a small rural reality that in the early nineteenth century is transformed into the fulcrum of the craft production of footwear. It all started with the “chiochiera”, a kind of fabric slipper with a leather sole, an Italian version of the slippers that spread from the Papal States to the Kingdom of Naples.

In the twentieth century more and more young people left the countryside to work in the workshop in Montegranaro, where the first shoe industries began to spring up. The creations were exported all over the world, spreading the love of the craftsmen of a small village in the Marche region.

An Inseparable Bond

The binomial shoes Montegranaro is an inseparable bond that you can breathe in every store, family and corner of the territory. The production area of the Fermo area represents today the largest consortium of handcrafted men’s and women’s shoes in Italy. A love that began in the laboratories of the fourteenth century and continues until today, becoming an international symbol of quality and elegance.

The art of shoe making

Production process in Marche Region

Umberto: a shoe artist

Umberto’s passion for footwear seems almost to belong to him by nature, it has been inherited from the territory and from his parents. Passion that in the seventies will lead him to found his own family business. 

In the golden years of Made in Italy, Umberto’s production was very large, then reduced, giving way to the creation of niche footwear that could meet the growing demand of a market of excellence. 

Conquering hearts overseas

It is precisely the search for excellence and the love for craftsmanship that makes Umberto unique all over the world. He even has affectionate producers overseas, who continue to order shoes from Texas every year, even without ever having seen each other in person. The DNA of Made in Italy embraces and unites human beings. 

His creations are his business card. Few but loyal customers, everything in the size of a store, to fully meet the needs of the customers and to spoil them with details and a very high quality.

Family, Tradition and Innovation 

Each shoe embodies the fundamental values for Umberto: family, tradition and innovation. In his production, he takes the tradition of the Fermo area where he grew up and adds research, technical innovation and new materials. The family is the heart of the company, combining past and future, knowledge and hope. 

Defining Umberto as a producer certainly does not do him justice. Each of his works hides a soul and is an expression of his creativity and ingenuity. For us at Italian Artisan, Umberto is a true artist who, starting from a very simple raw material, is capable of creating true masterpieces. 

Umbersto Subissati

Umberto from Le Marche

“It all started when I was little, when I was playing in the factory where my parents worked, it was a different era. And then everything was born from there.” 

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