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Meet Oscar and Viggo from Sweden

Oscar and Viggo Lagerwall could have never imagined that their grandfather’s old shoes would change their lives forever.

Oscar was a journalist, Viggo a chef, and they both wanted to stay away from Fashion because they knew that very few entrepreneurs succeed in this business.

But on a warm summer day, they found an old pair of shoes belonging to their grandfather: a classic woven leather shoe perfect for all occasions.

This is the story of the Brand “Bay and Wall”: Made in Italy timeless woven men shoes founded by Oscar and Viggo Lagerwall in 2017.

Oscar and Viggo decided to look for their private label shoe manufacturer in Italy and in the Marche region they found the right one.

”Italian shoe manufacturers – says Oscar- demonstrated high flexibility and extremely high quality standards for our shoes, very difficult to produce. Furthermore Italian leather wholesale suppliers offer an impressive variety of leather for every use”

Bay and Wall “Made in Italy” shoes become
soon a success in the market, honoring the
“ultimate grandpa woven shoe”

Bay and Wall

Bay and Wall

Bay and Wall, Einar Shoe

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