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Meet Marco from Piemonte, Italy

Bimac Company is a very good example of evolutionary adaptation of footwear: sandals, hiking boots, climbing shoes to narrow the focus on sneakers.

Bimac history began in Gargallo, a small village in Piemonte whose citizens in the years ‘800 were farmers and shepherds. They used to tan the leather in winter, when there was less work in the field. 100 years later, shoe manufacturing became their main activity.

Bimac was founded by Eugenio Binotto in 1963 offering a wide range of shoes whose margins were unfortunately not always enough to develop the business.

Marco Binotto, Eugenio’s grandson and third generation of entrepreneurs, decided to turn his company into luxury leather sneakers focusing on niche brands and small quantities that are normally not interesting for bigger producers.

“My main objective is to satisfy my
customers” says Marco Binotto

I accept challenging projects aiming to meet even the most difficult Brands’ requests. Our company only utilizes premium italian leather coming from Tuscany and Veneto.

Italian leather is the best in the world, it has a special and unique identity. If I could choose, I would only manufacture sneakers made 100% of leather including the insole!”

Bimac Company

Bimac Company

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