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Meet Maria Mazzi from Vicenza

Meet Maria Mazzi, a beachwear, lingerie and athleisure manufacturer and part of Italian Artisan’s community. Maria works as consultant for startups, designers, influencers and industry companies, stitching together their fresh ideas with her industry knowledge and expertise. Keep reading to learn more about Maria and how she can help you start your beachwear collection!

The blossoming of a great passion: 

Maria Mazzi is a child of fashion. She spent her childhood in her mother’s wedding dress tailor’s shop, which passed on her great passion for the work. Watching with dreamy, fascinated eyes, Maria studied her mother’s every move, cultivating a taste for beauty, refinement and research into details, combined with creativity and professionalism. 

Among remnants, dress designs and veils, the young Maria fell in love with fashion. In 1987 she began to dedicate herself to the world of lingerie and beachwear as a product manager. She describes this phase as “a great training ground for work and life”. Here she immersed herself fully in the world of fashion and understood how to create a collection, from creation to production, developing important know-how and a strong critical sense.


The marriage of passion and entrepreneurial spirit:

Inspired by the fertile ground and the opportunity for growth, she also began to focus on activewear and clothing for women, men and children. Maria’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to found several companies, strengthening her skills and knowledge in administration and sales. Her passion for fashion never left her far from international trade fairs and beachwear competitions, leading her to win the first Worth Pilot Project award in 2016 with the collections created in collaboration with Hermione de Paula. 


Consulting to cultivate a dream:

In her work as a specialist consultant, Maria oversees the creation of collections with young designers, stitching together their fresh ideas with her industry knowledge and expertise. Maria decided to use her passion and experience to meet the growing demand from startups, designers, influencers and industry companies to produce their own collections. Among the names Maria has worked with are big names such as Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, Moschino, Chloé and many other industry giants. Nevertheless, one of Maria’s main drivers is to give young companies the tools and skills they need to emerge in the competitive fashion industry. 


The customer first:

Every collection made with Maria’s help respects the customer’s needs and market trends, made strictly in Italy with innovative and environmentally friendly materials. As she herself says: “The satisfaction of my customers is my only goal. In the spotlight must be their brand and their future”. Maria offers complete support in the realisation of collections, starting with stylistic research, trend analysis, design, sample development and production. Each customer can choose which services to use and their every wish is fulfilled in the production of beachwear, athleisure, lingerie and activewear.  

Having Maria as a consultant is a luxury that allows you to realise your ideal collection, materialising a dream and an idea. In her you will find enthusiasm, experience and the ability to interpret the customer’s needs. Choosing to produce your beachwear collection with Maria also implies efficiency and a close relationship of trust and collaboration, which will make the experience pleasant and fully satisfying. Maria is the one to call if you want to make your dream beachwear collection come true. 

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