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History of Florence’s leather craftsmanship:

The City: 

The flourishing city of Florence, symbol per excellence of the Italian Renaissance, is also known as the beating heart of Italian leather production. Luxury and quality can be found in the small family-run artisan stores or in the most important international brands such as Gucci. The scent of leather will guide you through the small Florentine alleys to discover the Made in Italy craftsmanship. 

A matter of history: 

The history of Florentine leather goods was born on the banks of the Arno River where the tanning of leather was carried out by soaking it in the river bed. The tradition of leather working has ancient roots that date back to the 12th century, when the Arte dei Cuoiai or Galilai was born. These two arts were merged into the Art of Shoemakers by Cosimo I in 1562. The quality to be maintained was controlled and very high by law. 

At the same time was born the University of Masters of Leather, whose teachings are still put into practice by Florentine leather workers. Even if it is a very ancient tradition, the first official document dates back to 1768 in which it emerges that Florence alone produced one third of all the leather on the market. 

Quality that matters: 

Even today Florence boasts of being the undisputed capital of Italian leather goods, and of being a symbol of luxury and high quality.

Arno river in Florence

Arno river in Florence

Emilia: As you want.

Where all began: 

Emilia’s young brand was born in 2017 and it is the result of a visionary designer and entrepreneur. In Emilia’s bags we find the encounter between the traditional Florentine leather work and the aesthetics of her beloved Lucca, wonderful in its colors and its Renaissance character. 

The encounter between modernity and tradition: 

To the artisan background is added a modern style, fresh and bold, which will surely be able to bewitch you. The most original bags are characterized by metallic additions that give light and personality to the sinuous and clean lines. Each creation is an expression of the care and craftsmanship of Tuscan artisans who handle leather with skill, creating true unique pieces.

Each model expresses a different concept that takes the consumer back to a dreamlike experience. Some models draw inspiration from the bark of trees, others from the veins of marble and still others seem to transport us to the calm background of Renaissance paintings, embroidered in silk.  

Aura Diva model from Emilia

Aura the Diva model from Emilia collection

Between an Antique Art & Modern creativity

           An Emila craftsman working at one of her masterpieces 

It is all about customization: 

The peculiarity of Emilia’s brand is the customization: each bag is created respecting the personality of the customer who can choose colors, materials and any decorations. Each piece enhances the taste of the customer by creating a unique sewn specifically to reflect its facets. 

Let Emilia spoil you and make you live an experience of luxury at 360 degrees. Because the Made in Italy is attention to the customer, customization and quality, and Emilia with her magnificent bags will be able to realize all your dreams.

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