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Umbria Region: a fertile ground for cashmere sweaters

The Ancient Origins: 

The Umbrian territory has been from the Middle Ages fertile ground for the production of tapestries and tablecloths. In fact, they used to make embroidery on clothes, often used in the sacred sphere with the French “partridge eye” technique. In the following centuries the Umbrian textile products spread throughout Europe. In the first years of ‘900, they promoted laboratories of sewing that carried also to a technical innovation, making possible the birth of factories and textile companies.

The first steps into fashion: 

From tablecloths and lace, we move on to the manufacture of real yarns, to the combing of Luisa Spagnoli’s angora rabbits, up to the flourishing production of cashmere garments of today. The manufacture of pullovers was in fact possible thanks to the Angora Spagnoli company that obtained the wool from angora rabbits. The technical innovations brought by the stylist, carried to the birth of a lot of firms in place, setting the bases for the Umbrian textile entrepreneurial tradition where craftsmanship and industrialization married. 

Made in Italy cashmere sweaters

Material & Color Sampling Process

Tasselli Cashmere Factory Lab Manifattura_DSC2107

Cashmere wool for sweater production

The entrepreneurial evolution: 

This was the winning key that led Umbria in the 70s and 80s to experience exceptional entrepreneurship, attracting foreign producers such as Ellesse, Lafont, IGI, Umberto Ginocchietti, Yves-Saint-Laurent, Thierry Mugler and ICAP, the company that discovered Giorgio Armani. The interchange led to a high level of internationality and export especially in Germany where any pullover was Made in Umbria. 

The flourishing environment and the many stimuli in the production of cashmere pullovers made Umbria famous also thanks to the imagination, creativity, new washing and spinning techniques. Great brands such as Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Jil Sanders and Armani entrusted the realization of their products to local companies that imported the raw material from India and Pakistan, where the Cashmere region is located.

What makes Umbria region special:

The winning key of the Umbria region in the production of sweaters and yarns lies in the encounter between industrial innovation and artisan experience and passion.

Sweaters by Renzo: an extraordinary experience since 1970s

The starting point: 

The story of Renzo’s sweater production began in 1970, among the Medieval walls of Bavagna in Umbria. As soon as the lab opened, he immediately became one of the region’s leading cashmere importers. Elegant and classy, with a hint of sporty and fun style, Renzo’s firm works with 100% cashmere as well as other precious blends such as cashmere-silk, cashmere-merino and organic cotton blends.

It’s all about quality:

From the beginning the company was a market leader, famous for its high quality production, attracting foreign and local high fashion producers. Thanks to its love for excellence and family management, Renzo’s firm carries on a tradition of ancient origins in a region that is a symbol for the production of fine garments.

The creation process is committed to traditional production methods that take place entirely in the workshop: from yarn preparation to knitting, washing, sewing, packaging and quality control to ensure that customers get the highest quality possible.

Tasselli Cashmere Factory Lab Design_DSC2173

From raw material to design

Tasselli Cashmere Factory Lab Products_DSC2317

                                            The final product 

Innovating without betraying tradition: 

To the Umbrian tradition is added a modern vision imported by young craftsmen who are inspired by the stimuli of the market. From this philosophy emerges one of the firm symbolic phrases: “Innovating without betraying tradition“. 

Sustainability and Ethics: 

This company is not only the production of fine garments but also ethics and respect for the environment. In fact, the company’s main motto is No Waste, indicating its attention to sustainability and ecology. The consistent investment in research of sustainable solutions lead to the creation of Re-Born sweaters composed of regenerated garments and articles made entirely of recycled cashmere fiber, having a low impact on environment.

A commendable challenge that also brought Renzo’s team to EXPO 2015 and to obtain a Google Digital Excellence Award for SME. 

This iconic firm is a symbol of the union between local manufacturing tradition, high quality raw materials and modern values that are supported by the new generations, in a nutshell Made in Italy pride.  

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