The Story of CharlieBaby: Made in Italy Luxury Fashion Petswear

“Chic, bold and lots of black!”. Meet Khary, the founder of CharlieBaby

The petswear fashion category keeps growing and getting more desirable, and Khary has found a unique Made in Italy opportunity in this new market.


The fashion industry has found a market like no other and is expanding extremely fast: the market of luxury fashion petswear. In fact, we can see shocking numbers from the USA where there are more households with pets than with children. To be exact, 84.6 million with pets in contrast to 52.8 million with children.

Furthermore, in Europe, we see much of the same story with 80 million households with at least one pet

As time passes, the petswear fashion category keeps growing and getting more desirable, but CharlieBaby has found a gap in this new market.


CharlieBaby was founded in 2019 in Toronto, Canada out of Khary’s frustration of not being able to find high-quality garments available for his “beloved pooch Charlie” as he so lovingly calls her.

Finding anything resembling luxury fashion clothing was almost impossible for him, especially in the details and trims, as he explained. So Khary decided to take matters into his own hands and, with a friend who is a skilled tailor, created a garment out of his own designs and ideas.

After the stunning results, he decided that everyone should have the chance to dress their furry friends as he did and started his brand to bring luxury pet wear to the world.

Searching for the best, he found Italian Artisan to help him build his Made in Italy luxury business

Italian Artisan has been an absolute joy to work with, and I am very satisfied with the responsive service and attention. They helped me find a wonderful workshop to help me realize my vision.– Khary, Founder of CharlieBaby.


Drawing inspiration from art and architecture, as well as incorporating details from some of Khary’s favourite fashion luxury houses, the hero and statement piece “L’Armure” was created. A direct inspiration from ancient armor worn in battle by kings’ dogs.

The distinctive features of the brand are the notable closure and zip along the top of the pet. Full coverage, including legs and underbelly, a unique diamond quilt pattern on the body of the coat, and detailed inner lining with piping.

CharlieBaby products can be described as “ready-to-war, fashion-trended, and bespoke jackets for dogs”, looking to expand to sweaters, leads, collars and dog carriers in the future.

Every collection, having Charlie as the main muse, is handcrafted from the atelier of one of Made in Italy manufacturers in the Italian Artisan’s community. Each piece is produced having “the utmost attention to detail, fit, quality and produced with the most delicate fabrics, hardware, and trims.” as Khary specified in an interview.

All products are offered in limited edition runs and made to order to make every little piece unique.

“We design and execute our exclusive petswear products by upholding the same standards of excellence you do for yourself.” 

– Khary, Founder of CharlieBaby.


Armed with relentless curiosity and utmost priority for creative innovation, Charliebaby seeks to provide luxury canine apparel and accessories of unrivaled quality and design. 

Charliebaby was created with 6 main values in mind: 

Unparalleled standards of service rooted in trust and integrity. It’s the invitation into a world where you are valued, seen, and supported.

Impeccable quality trumps mass quantity.Thanks to the founding grounds of Made in Italy, Khary’s brand takes as seriously as us the responsibility to uphold sustainable practices for a better world.

Innovation fuels us.Driven by the courage to dream outside of the box. 

Tradition informs us.They honor the cross-continental history of canine apparel and adornment dating back centuries.

Art is King. In the relentless pursuit of creative inspiration, they revel in bold choices, pushed boundaries, and authentic expression in all forms and mediums.

Every dog deserves love.A deep love for our animal companions is the heartbeat of Charliebaby. In consequence, they pledge to donate 5% of their gross revenues to charities dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, with the ultimate vision of founding a sanctuary to care for unwanted and elderly dogs.

The key to the brand’s differentiation and value proposition is its attention to luxury packaging and visual presentation. High-impact fashion photography captures the universe and story that is CharlieBaby. 

Charliebaby dates to be bold: It is our mission to inspire fearless individuality and celebrate the exceptional within us all.” – Khary, Founder of CharlieBaby.

What are you waiting for to be bold like Khary and Charlie?

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