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Meet Daniela Uribe

"Inclusivity isn’t just our vibe, it’s our purpose."

Many designers have associated heels with women’s fashion and among them Daniela, who has chosen Italian Artisan to accompany her in this amazing project.

Daniela Uribe has harnessed her expertise, training and creativity, to engineer a revolutionary footwear brand that is as comfortable as stylish. In her day-by-day, Daniela Uribe supports the new era of the fashion industry by breaking down preconceptions and prejudices, moving towards inclusivity, acceptance and diversity


The shoes have one mission: to deliver comfort, glamour, and a perfect fit to everyone and anyone. Manufactured in Italy, the heels have a cushioned insole with added arch support and extra metatarsal padding to provide real comfort without sacrificing the refined look.


“The Italian made heels are designed for anyone ready to rock lavish and prominent shoes that re-establish the paradigms of absolute beauty and comfort.”


Daniela Uribe is deeply rooted in inclusivity. She believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and creates lasts that are designed and measured specifically to accommodate gender inclusive feet and sizing. All shoes have been designed to fit every foot and to deliver the same chic look along with an exceptional comfort.

Moreover, in order to make a statement for LGBTQ+ community, Daniela Uribe has partnered with Stonewall Community Foundation, donating 5$ for every pair of shoes sold. The foundation aims to improve the lives of the LGBTQ+ community, from education to family acceptance and health. For Daniela Uribe, inclusivity, self-love and acceptance are at the heart of everything.

Since 2020, Daniela has been working with Fabiola, a selected manufacturer from Italian Artisan’s community, to support a more inclusive fashion scene. Together, they were able to conjoin Latin culture with Italian quality and create heels that are a symbol of “strength, confidence & diversity”.

Daniela’s Glamourland welcomes everyone!

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