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Meet Katia and Cinzia from Veneto, Italy

Dont’ miss the story of the first Italian Manufacturer of ballroom shoes

Paolo’s passion for footwear is innate. In fact, he was born into a family of shoemakers in the footwear district of Veneto and from an early age he began to work in footwear, dedicating himself to processing, cutting and pre-assembly. Paolo works together with his brothers at home, using a corner of the kitchen and a small room as storage space for his creations and machinery, effectively making his family, his company. His creative flair and attraction to innovation will make him unique in his environment. 
In the seventies Paolo’s passion for ballroom dancing led him to produce shoes for ballroom dancers, collaborating with his teachers in the search for shoes Made in Italy. Soon after, thanks to the enthusiastic word of mouth among dance teachers, the production became more and more important, finding space in the market as the first Italian manufacturer of ballroom shoes. Paolo’s shoes are also worn by Celentano in the film with Mariangela Melato “Che segno sei?“, leaving his signature in the cinema. 

Following a terrible fire in the factory, Paolo decided to devote himself solely to dance shoes, temporarily abandoning the world of fashion and entertainment. It was a winning choice that allowed him to make a name for himself on an international level, starting a process of internationalization of the company.  

Meet Katia from Italian Artisan

Dancing Shoes production from Katia and Cinzia

Meet Katia, Cinzia and Maria Teresa

Made in Italy since 1967

Having grown up breathing Paolo’s passion, Cinzia and Katia, the creative entrepreneur’s daughters, were absorbed into the company, as had happened years before to his wife Maria Teresa. The new generation was able to bring a breath of fresh air into the company, focusing heavily on the customer experience as well as attention to the product. The restyling brought even more fame at international level for its excellence due to the art of savoir faire, matured in fifty years of experience of the father. Thus were born dance, weddings and theater, to which later was added the daily line. 

The family museum is also established, where they show the paths of the Venetian shoe-making tradition, together with period tools, making their cultural and traditional heritage even more impressive. The shoe museum is also recognized by the Italian Museum of Cultural Heritage. 

The story of Paolo and his family is certainly fascinating and leaves no doubt as to how much passion is invested in their company, a confidence that can only be found when looking at Italian craftsmanship. 

If you want to invest in history and tradition, with a touch of flair, Cinzia and Katia will surely know how to satisfy your every desire.

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