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Meet Thomas and Christian from Veneto, Italy

Italian bag manufacturers, Thomas and Christian Bergamasco grew “smelling leather” in their family company. They are the fourth generation entrepreneurs leading C&T Pelletterie located in Veneto and producing premium bags for top luxury brands. The family history and heritage continues…

”After finishing our studies, Christian and myself started to work in our family company” – says Thomas-


“It was supposed to be temporary, but we got so involved and passionate, that we decided to stay”

Thomas’ great-grandmother founded the company in 1948. She started producing patchwork leather bags made of recycled materials. But it was Thomas’ grandfather Nereo who developed the business, arriving to have up to 150 employees.

Some of the machinery he bought, are still in use nowadays.

“In the last 30 years we had of course ups and downs, but we have always continued our activity with passion and determination”, Thomas is proud to say, ” some of our Brands trust us so much that they don’t even ask for final quality control. A big responsibility for us but a major source of pride!”

Thomas and Christian from Veneto

Thomas and Christian from Veneto

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